Fort Tilden

Anti Ship Artillery Gun

Come and Take It (Fort Tilden Artillery)

Location: Rockaway Peninsula, Queens, NY

Since I have already authored a blog post about Fort Tilden on my other blog, Brooklyn Relics, this post is mostly going to be a photo essay. I don’t want to duplicated content or do double work. However, here is the site’s history in a nutshell: Fort Tilden was commissioned during WWI, was expanded and upgraded for WWII and repurposed for the Cold War. The base’s original purpose was to protect New York Harbor from enemy ships. During the Cold War emphasis was shifted from anti-ship artillery to surface-to-air missiles. After the Cold War the base was decommissioned and turned into part of Gateway National Park. Next time the weather is warm and sunny pay the park a visit and explore whats left of the military relics. From what I could tell the park rangers are more concerned about keeping people off the dunes than out of the buildings. So, explore away and be careful not to disrupt the dune ecosystem.

Artillery Bunkers & Machine Gun Nests

Large grey concrete artillery bunker surrounded by vegetation

One of Four Artillery Bunkers

Graffitied interior of artillery bunker

Under Fort Tilden Bunker

Wood stairs through dune vegetation

Stairs To Observation Platform On Top of Bunker

Graffitied machine gun pillbox in the dunes

Machine Gun Pillbox

Munition Buildings

Dilapidated munitions building with rails for transporting shells

Munitions Building

Interior of dilapidated, graffitied munitions building

Munitions Building

Personnel Buildings

Dilapidated building on the beach

Personnel Building

Dilapidated building on the beach

Personnel Building

Interior of dilapidated building on the beach

Personnel Building

Looking through windows from inside dilapidated building on the beach

Personnel Building

Sink inside of building on the beach

Sink In Personnel Building

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