Creepy Abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center – Part 2

Part 1



Part two of the Kings Park series includes support buildings and infrastructure. For the hospital to be mostly self-sustaining it needed buildings for power generation, food production and to house maintenance shops. The buildings are more industrial in nature and have a very different vibe than the creepy patient buildings.

Pre-Art Deco, red brick warehouse type building common in the early nineteen hundreds

Building 5 – Central Maintenance Shop

Couch sitting in abandoned maintenance shop

Shop Couch

Empty room inside former Kings Park Maintenance Shop

Ducts & Shop Tables

Empty supply racks inside former maintenance shop


Building 5 – Central Maintenance Shop
Built in 1909, this small building once housed the hospital’s laundry facilities. The shop reminds me of my high school woodshop. It is a cavernous space with work tables, racks, vents and ducts. Not much else remains other than a random couch but it’s still worth a visit.

Two story red brick food storehouse building

Building 44 – Food Storehouse

Exterior of food storage building with hole in second floor wall from fire department

Building 44 – Food Storehouse

Hall of walk-in refrigerators

Walk-In Refrigerators

Building 44 – Food Storehouse
Building 44 was a storehouse, bakery and refrigeration plant built 1934-1936. Arsonists torched the building on September 10, 2014. So, today the Storehouse is little more than a dank, partially burned out structure housing empty walk-in freezers. The hole in the side of the building was knocked out as part of the fire suppression and subsequent arson investigation.

Exterior shot of three story beige brick building

Building 29 – Power Plant

Control room computers inside former Kings Park Power Plant

Power Plant Control Room

Looking at office inside of former Kings Park Power Plant, office appears to be radiating a bright light

Light Radiating from Power Plant Office

Rusting power plant machines inside of power plant

Power Plant Machines

Network of pipes and some valves

Pipes & Valves

Building 29 – Park Power Plant
The power plant was built in 1967. Of the Kings Park infrastructure buildings, the power plant is the most interesting. There is a control room full of monitors, switches and dials that look very retro tech. Outside of the control room there are pipes, valves and machines everywhere. Although most of the control panels have been spray painted with swastikas, penis art and unintelligible graffiti tags, the building is one of the more interesting to explore due to its connection to the everyday workers of Kings Park. It is easy to imagine a crew of people operating all of the equipment left behind to decay.

Exterior shot of modernist, beige brick laundry building

Building 94 – Laundry Building

Warehouse space with vents

Laundry Building

Warehouse spec with yellow columns, air ducts and graffiti

Laundry Building

Looking down hallway that overlooks warehouse space on one side

Laundry Building

Building 94 – Laundry Building
The laundry building is a modernist structure built in 1953. The first time I tried to enter the building a couple of years ago it was sealed tight. However, between now and then, some determined person busted into the place. I think that the interior spaces made for some good photos, however, there wasn’t much to see.

For more photos visit my Kings Park Flickr album

I still have one more post to do on Kings Park, but I need to return for more photos first. So for now I’ll leave you with this drone footage of building 93 & Buildings 41-43.

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  1. Mark says:

    Refurbish and use them as an illegal immigrant detention center.


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